About Laura

Hi, Etch family! 
My name is Laura, and I am the owner of Etch Clothing Co. I started this company with two objectives: I wanted to bring some creative ideas to life, and I wanted to make clothing that people wanted to wear. I also wanted to make items that could easily be integrated into existing wardrobes or daily lives.
Inclusivity is very import to me. My designs are for all genders, ages, and sizes. Everyone is seen and welcome. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to clothing as unisex-style or women's-style to communicate the cut of t-shirts, for example. But all items are for everyone! I will also always offer the biggest range of sizes possible for an item. If you ever see an item that you would like but it is not offered in your size, send me a message at laura@etchclothing.com and I will do everything possible to get it for you!
I hope that you get to know me through my designs. I am a dog lover, food studies scholar, binge-watcher, family-focused, social justice defender, cookbook collector, creative dreamer fighting through chronic illness. Being creative is one of the best therapies (next to real therapy and medication- mental illness takes a village and I see you working hard on yourself- #selfcare)!